Alejandro Garcia Contreras

Born in Tapachula Chiapas Mexico. Alejandro's work is a mix of painting, sculpture, photo, video, and graphic.

Alejandro Garcia Contreras (Chiapas, Mexico) His artistic practice is characterized by the experimentation and dialogue between different materials and technical resources .Through his art projects, he explores topics inspired by contemporary pop culture, folklore, classical myths, occultism and religions.

The theme of death, under its different forms, states and significations, is ubiquitous in his art practice.


Proyecto realizado en colaboracion con Rodrigo Sastre y Adriana Estrada.

Cortometraje dirigido por Adriana Estrada, Alejandro Garcia y Rodrigo Sastre.
Idea original de Rodrigo Sastre y Adriana Estrada.
Edicion y Musica por Alejandro Garcia.
Producido por Exorsister Video y Ejido Carrillo Puerto Producciones.

"El Bulto" 1:
Adriana Estrada, Marcelino Champo, Rodrigo Sastre,
Daniela Sanchez Reza, Ferrous Espinetti, Elisa Medina y Miss Kitten.

Duracion 15 min.