Alejandro Garcia Contreras

Born in Tapachula Chiapas Mexico. Alejandro's work is a mix of painting, sculpture, photo, video, and graphic.

Alejandro Garcia Contreras (Chiapas, Mexico) His artistic practice is characterized by the experimentation and dialogue between different materials and technical resources .Through his art projects, he explores topics inspired by contemporary pop culture, folklore, classical myths, occultism and religions.

The theme of death, under its different forms, states and significations, is ubiquitous in his art practice.


“Espejo Negro” takes cues from other visual languages of death and the occult, from the iconography of ancient Egyptian, Aztec, and Inca cultures, to the postwar pop mysticism of American filmmaker Kenneth Anger, to British spiritualist Aleister Crowley and his religion Thelema. In some ways, the group’s synthetic vernacular for describing death speaks to a process of mixing and matching, a collaborative and open-ended attempt to describe and express a condition as opaque as immense as death.

The Creation workshops bring together five emerging artists and one invited international artist. Over a period of 4 months, the group of artists with different artistic practices shared their ideas and know-how with one another in order to create a collective work. Les Territoires is hosting six artists participating in the second edition of the Creation workshops. The workshops will end with the presentation of a group exhibit, which will be shown at Les Territoires from August 3rd to August 24th, 2013.

Alejandro Garcia Contreras, guest artist in residency, uses painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, and performance in his work. Born in Tapachula (Chiapas), Mexico in 1982, Contreras draws inspiration from contemporary mass culture, Mexican folklore, myths, occultism, religions and pop icons of his generation. Using a series of media ranging from video animation to sculpture, he recounts short stories in which the theme of death, ever-present in Mexican culture, unfolds in a number of different states and forms.

Using the topic of death - taboo in Western culture - Alejandro Garcia Contreras invites Ben Clarkson, Isabelle Guimond, Matt O'Hara, Naghmeh Sharifi and Chris Simonite, five emerging artists chosen through a call for submissions, to work on this theme for the second edition of the Creation workshop.

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