Alejandro Garcia Contreras

Born in Tapachula Chiapas Mexico. Alejandro's work is a mix of painting, sculpture, photo, video, and graphic.

Alejandro Garcia Contreras (Chiapas, Mexico) His artistic practice is characterized by the experimentation and dialogue between different materials and technical resources .Through his art projects, he explores topics inspired by contemporary pop culture, folklore, classical myths, occultism and religions.

The theme of death, under its different forms, states and significations, is ubiquitous in his art practice.


Launched in 1982, the new G.I. Joe was to prove the most successful boy's toy of the period. By the mid-1980s, Joe had an afternoon animated TV show that put special-effects battles with COBRA constantly within the child's field of vision. After Joe, all war play on "Earth" would be in the same fantasy mode. Carefully identified teams of good and bad figures, backed by collector's cards, TV cartoons, movies, video games, books and comics, as well as hosts of licensed products, would offer an over-elaborate frame of instruction in new-style war play. Each set of toys would come with its own context, its own history, its own landmarks set in its own carefully delineated universe.

In story and style, the Joe's and their enemies left history behind for some alternate or future Earth and they disported themselves with bulked-up weaponry and a look that befitted not so much "real American heroes" as a set of superheroes or supervillains in any futuristic space epic. Take "enemy leader, COBRA Commander." Faceless in Darth-Vader style, his head was covered by a hood with eye slits, reminiscent perhaps of the Ku Klux Klan; his body was encased in a torturer's blue jumpsuit, leather gloves, and boots. He was an enemy uncoupled from history, whose "dossier" included this information: Total control of the world its people, wealth, and resources -- that's the objective COBRA commander is hatred and evil personified. Corrupt. A man without scruples. Probably the most dangerous man alive!

Joe, part of an extraordinary explosion of entrepreneurial life force in the child's world, also helped transport "war" into an unearthly commercial space. The enemy, once the most solid and serious of subjects, now became a vague and fragile, if menacing, construct -- even, on occasion, a running joke. The COBRA organization, as described by Hasbro's Bozigian, was, for instance, made up of "accountants, tax attorneys and all other kinds of low lifes that are out to conquer the world." Everywhere the boundary lines between the good team and the bad team, similarly armed, similarly togged out, similarly muscled up (in the post-Vietnam manner of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo and the present Governor of California's Conan the Barbarian), similarly menacing looking, threatened to collapse into a sameness. For the first time in American history, in this new war-play universe, you did need a scorecard to tell the players apart.

Text by Tom Engelhardt.


"Los hombres viejos hacen las guerras. Los hombres jóvenes las pelean. Y todo el mundo en el medio es asesinado. La guerra es natural. La Paz es accidental. Somos Animales"

"Rambo es un hombre callado, y sostener una tesis es papeleo para el colegio, no para una película.

Sylvester Stallone

La guerra es la forma de conflicto socio-político más grave entre dos o más grupos humanos. Es quizá una de las más antiguas de todas las relaciones internacionales, aunque se convierte en un fenómeno particular con el comienzo de las civilizaciones. Supone el enfrentamiento organizado de grupos humanos armados, con el propósito de controlar recursos naturales o humanos, o el desarme, sometimiento y, en su caso, destrucción del enemigo, y se producen por múltiples causas, entre las que suelen estar el mantenimiento o el cambio de relaciones de poder, dirimir disputas económicas o territoriales.

En Ciencia Política y Relaciones Internacionales, la guerra es un instrumento político, al servicio de un Estado u otra organización con fines políticos.

Según Richard Holmes, la guerra es una experiencia universal que comparten todos los países y todas las culturas. Según Sun Tzu, "La guerra es el mayor conflicto de Estado, la base de la vida y la muerte, el Tao de la supervivencia y la extinción. Por lo tanto, es imperativo estudiarla profundamente". Según Karl von Clausewitz, la guerra es "la continuación de la política por otros medios".

Frases de Rambo:

-Si quieres sobrevivir a una guerra, conviértete en guerra.

-Peleas muy bien para ser un turista.

-¿Quién se cree que es?... ¿Dios?. —No. Dios tendría piedad.

-Eso que usted llama infierno, él lo llama hogar.

“Old men start wars. Young men fight them. And everyone in the middle gets killed. War is natural. Peace is accidental. We’re animals.”

“because Rambo is a silent man, and blurting out your thesis is for college papers, not movies.”

Sylvester Stallone