Alejandro Garcia Contreras

Born in Tapachula Chiapas Mexico. Alejandro's work is a mix of painting, sculpture, photo, video, and graphic.

Alejandro Garcia Contreras (Chiapas, Mexico) His artistic practice is characterized by the experimentation and dialogue between different materials and technical resources .Through his art projects, he explores topics inspired by contemporary pop culture, folklore, classical myths, occultism and religions.

The theme of death, under its different forms, states and significations, is ubiquitous in his art practice.

"Zombie en el Reina Sofia"
Photo and video.

An action realized at the Reina Sofia Museum ,Madrid, Spain, in which the artist, makeup like a zombie, walks around the museum taking photographs of himself with the most representative paintings visited by the tourists. Video recording is not permitted in the museum. The idea was to generate a critique of consumption of art in museums as a mere tourist attraction. Nothing further from visiting Disneyland.


"Zombie in Reina Sofia"
Fotografia y video.

Accion realizada dentro de las salas del en el Museo Reina Sofia en Madrid EspaƱa, en el que el artista se maquillo como zombi y camino por el museo tomando fotografias de si mismo con las pinturas mas representativas y visitadas por los turistas dentro del museo. No esta permitido grabar video en el museo. La idea era generar una critica del consumo del arte en los museos como una simple atraccion turistica. Nada mas alejado de visitar Disneylandia.

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